38” x 23”

Steel, iron, bone, antler, copper, wood.

In Old Norse mythology Lagertha or Hlaðgerðr (Hlathgerth) is a warrioress remembered in both myth and history for her indomitable courage and leadership. This willingness to ‘stand before’ puts her in the company of other heroines and heroes of epic lore, such as the Sanskrit warrioress Shikandi, the Iliad’s Sarpedon, and Mahabharata’s Abhimanyu son of Arjuna. She is also divine, a form of the goddess Thorgerd. Lagertha stands for unassailable beauty matched with fury, mettle, and true valor. She is both elegance and bravura, calm and capable in danger. Connecting her to these attributes, she appears here wearing thistle and Indian silver, with lightning rods, a scythe, antlers, bone, sinewy grapevines, and a palm frond.

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